Center for practical training of workers in the pharmaceutical industry

In order to provide training for specialists with theoretical and applied skills to work at pharmaceutical enterprises and high-tech nuclear medicine centers of Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster and pharmaceutical industry in Russia, a "Center for Practical Training of Pharmaceutical Industry Workers" was established in Obninsk on the basis of IATE MEPHI.
There are educational and scientific laboratories equipped with technological and analytical equipment in the Center
  • "Industrial pharmaceutical technology"
  • "Pharmaceutical Chemistry"
  • "Spectral methods of analysis"
  • "Chromatographic methods of analysis"
  • The first phase of the Clean Room Project has been completed. It includes zones of three levels of cleanness and is equipped with all necessary equipment.
The Training Center uses a dual system of training — parallel training in the training center and training at the enterprise of the future employer — the pharmaceutical plants of Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster.

The implementation of the project ensured the creation of a continuous trajectory of training personnel. A model for targeted training of specialists for specific pharmaceutical industries has been formed, basic departments have been organized at the "anchor" enterprises of the pharmaceutical cluster, professional standards for "industrial pharmacy" have been developed (professional standards will form the basis of the corresponding federal state educational standards).