IT cluster

Cluster of Information and Communication
To create a full-value ecosystem in Kaluga region for the development of the information and communication technologies industry, by means of the consolidation of the expert, production, scientific, educational, innovative, organizational and administrative potential of the companies-members of the cluster aimed at increasing the competitiveness of IT products and the regional economy.
Production of information and computer technology and information protection tools, information and computer services.

Year of foundation : 2013
128 organizations are involved in the cluster, led by the anchor enterprise of CJSC "Kaluga Astral", which founded a free children's IT school and implements a pilot project Yandex. Lyceum.

The basis of the cluster is Sigma Ltd., JSC Kraftway Corporation, JSC KEMZ, Kaluga branch of JSC Rostelecom. Among the participants of the cluster are the largest IT enterprises from other regions of the Russian Federation, including JSC AMT Group, JSC RT Labs, Sirius Ltd., SC IT, Epam Systems Ltd. and others.

Important organizations within the cluster are institutions of higher education that provide a developed educational system in the region with qualified personnel, including: IATE MEPHI, K.E. Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University, a branch of Bauman MSTU.